Protein and Your Diet

Pop Sugar Fitness reblog an article from Shape Magazine about the mystery of protein and diets. The writer (unnamed in the post) does nutrition counseling and likes to make several points with clients:

  • You need protein with meals and snacks
  • Protein helps you avoid overeating
  • Typical Americans tend to eat more protein than they need, when you consider that the USDA recommends that 10-35% of a person’s diet consist of protein
  • Consider how a food/product is consumed when considering whether it is a problem if it doesn’t have protein in it. For example, breakfast cereal might not have much, but if  you will be eating with milk, there will still be protein in the meal
  • To get the best balance when meal planning, let lean protein be 1/4 of your plate, another 1/4 be a high-fiber carbohydrate, and the rest be fruits and vegetables.
  • For snacks, make it 50-50 protein and carbs

What nutrition advice has helped you?

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Eating Right — What We Can All Agree On

The updated USDA food pyramid, published in 20...

The updated USDA food pyramid, published in 2005, is a general nutrition guide for recommended food consumption for humans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nutrition is a hotbed topic, and there are lots of views on what really is right for people to eat. Kris Gunnars, a blogger at, posted a thoughtful post about consensus ideas, regardless of your approach to nutrition. The article does a good job of sharing those varied points, so check out the full article:

  1. Added sugar is a disaster. 
  2. Omega-3 Fats are crucial and most people don’t get enough
  3. There is no perfect diet for everyone
  4. Trans fats are very unhealthy and should be avoided
  5. Eating vegetables will improve your health
  6. It is critical to avoid a vitamin D deficiency
  7. Refined carbohydrates are bad for you
  8. Supplements can never fully replace real foods
  9. “Diets” don’t work, a lifestyle change is necessary
  10. Unprocessed food is healthiest

Hard to argue with this list, isn’t it? How many of these do you really live by?

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