Wow. I knew this would be interesting, but I didn’t expect this.

I started this blog as a demonstration site for some clients, but it has turned into a blog people are following.

You are at this page either because you want to know more about this blog, more about me, or both. If the first or last, read on… If the second, jump here

Why this blog

I encourage clients to scrapbook great ideas — meaning ideas that inspire them — when they are surfing the web. We all want to be inspired, especially when we are stuck. You never know when some idea is going to strike you and help you overcome your next obstacle. But you don’t want to leave that to chance. That is why you should scrapbook the great ideas you find as you read them.

I don’t suggest you try to grab everything that creates emotion. I’m not talking about that, necessarily. I want to encourage you to, as the late Jim Rohn used to say, “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge; let it lead to action!” So, I scrapbook looking for ideas that intrigue me and could inspire me to action consistent with my purpose and major interests in life.

The idea behind this project, as I teach it to clients, is to find at least one article that inspires you each day and save it. You could just grab the link and go (I have been doing that for a while in my personal scrapbook), but that doesn’t necessarily give you context. So, why not write a short summary about the article and what inspired or impressed you. There are two benefits to this:

  • You will remember later why you like the article. If you have some text, it can be searched. You might also tag and categorize, making your retrieval even easier.
  • Sometimes articles become unavailable. While lots of sites are now built on blogging software, and they want the pages accessible and available for SEO purposes, sites do disappear. Some content providers, such as some news organizations, are trying to monetize their sites and eventually move content to paid areas that you might not have access to in the future,

Therefore, putting a reminder on your post will help you stay inspired even if the content is no longer available.

Conversely, I encourage clients to create links to the content because that serves as a way to credit the author should you ever use your inspirations as material for other works. Authors like credit. You would want others to give you credit for your ideas, wouldn’t you?

I will be maintaining this blog, trying to post something every day, or so. If you are also moved by the things that interest me, you will have a great time, too. I will also be using material I post here as inspiration for my other blogs at Dwayne Baptist and Associates and Leading in the 21st Century. After all, one reason I look for the topics that are covered in this blog is to find inspiration for writing those blogs and my newsletter.

If you also write about topics covered in this blog, please leave a comment and I will check you out. If you say something that inspires me, I might just make note of it here!

About Dwayne Baptist

I am an executive coach, speaker, and teacher affiliated with world-renowned leadership author and expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell. I partner with individuals and organizational clients to Define their goals and Become who/what they need to be so that they can Achieve their purpose and experience breakthrough results.

While I have been coaching all my life, before I started doing it professionally, I was a sailor, a Marine Corps officer, and an information technology executive and consultant. On my journey I discovered the power of communication and connection, especially when linked to purpose and passion. As I discovered how to clarify my own purpose and pursue it with passion, I found that I was happier, and making a difference in the lives of those around me. Click here for contact information.

And thank you, again, for your interest in this blog.

always with gratitude,


2 thoughts on “About

    • Baz,

      Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope it does inspire you. I took a peak at yours and was fascinated by your content. It is very rich and personal, and chocked full of great insights. I also appreciate the window into a similar and yet distinct culture compared to mine here in Virginia, USA.

      always with gratitude,

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